Autonity Blockchain

Round #6 of the Piccadilly Circus Games Competition has started! Visit the games site for more information.

Autonity is a public, EVM based, proof-of-stake blockchain for decentralized clearing of smart derivatives contracts.

Autonity aims to make every risk that the market wants to speculate on or hedge against into a smart derivative product that is tradable between anyone in a fully decentralized ecosystem of price discovery and trade execution.

The Autonity project maintains two testnets — called "Bakerloo" and "Piccadilly" — and is being developed by a community that is passionate about the social benefits of monetary and market structure innovation.

In recent months the "Piccadilly Circus Games Competition" has presented a wide range of challenges for anyone to explore the Autonity protocol and its growing community. The current Round 6 of the competition is the biggest yet, and it's free for everyone to join, and win awards. Sign up now!

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Protocol Summary

Execution EnvironmentEthereum Virtual Machine
Block Time1 second
Consensus ProtocolTendermint BFT
Sybil-ResistanceDelegated Proof-of-Stake
AccountabilitySlashing staked NTN on byzantine faults
Maximum Validators100
Utility CoinATN, "Auton"
Staking CoinNTN, "Newton"
Staking MechanismStaked NTN gets LNTN<node> "Liquid Newton" ERC20 token
Txn Fee MechanismGas fees set by EIP1559 control system, paid in ATN
Stabilization MechanismCDP, ATN borrowed against NTN or LNTN collateral
Stabilization TargetACU, a base-invariant, volatility-minimized index